Golf Cart Rules and Regulations

BATTERIES:  Golf carts will be provided with batteries fully charged.  These batteries discharge with you and may required additional charge during the course of a during if used heavily.  Charging equipment is included in the cart and will be the responsibility of the Customer to charge the cart as needed based on the amount of use.  Carts are equipped with a low battery warning light.  Driver shall immediately return golf cart to the barn or nearby outlet if this warning light is on.  In the event the golf cart becomes undrivable away from the barn or house, driver shall notify the owner or owners representative and leave cart in place for owner to tow.  Do not attempt to push or tow cart as damages may result from improper towing.

Note:  When golf carts are not in use, key should be turned off and toggle switch set to neutral to preserve battery.

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE:  At no time shall golf cart be driven or operated by any person that is impaired by alcohol or drugs.  

KEYS:  Golf cart keys shall remain in the golf cart at all times.  Loss of a key will result in a $25 replacement fee.

LIABILITY WAIVER:  A Waiver of Liability must be signed by any person driving the golf cart.  Any damage to or damage resulting from the use of the Golf Cart shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer.

MAXIMUM PASSENGER LOAD: Golf carts are design for a maximum of 4 passengers.  

MINIMUM DRIVING AGE:  Golf Carts shall not be driven by anybody under 18 years of age.  All drivers must sign a waiver of liability.  

RECKLESS DRIVING:  Reckless driving that may result in injury to others or harm to the golf cart will result in the termination of access and use without refund.    

USE ON PREMISES:  Golf carts shall remain on Timbers Edge premises at all times.  Under no circumstances shall golf cart leave this property and enter onto public right-of-way or neighboring property.  Golf carts shall only be used on surfaces that are suitable and safe.  This includes gravel driveway and area around the barn, flat grass area and overflow parking area South of the barn, and parking lot area East of the barn.  Golf Carts shall not be used on trails located on wooded area of property or on steep slopes that may result in personal injury or damage to the golf cart.



I have read and understand the policies concerning the use of the Golf Cart(s) at the Timbers Edge.  I agree to uphold them and ensure that contractors and members of the event party, will abide by the policies.  I understand it is my responsibility to inform the coordinator, florist, photographers, etc., that they must also conform to this set of guidelines.