Venue Rules and Regulations

CANDLES:  The use of any type of flame is prohibited inside venue building.  

CHILDREN:  Children under the age of 18 are your complete responsibility.  Please know where your children are at all times and make certain they clearly understand The Rules (they are not permitted on the play equipment behind the house).

CONTACT PERSON:  You must designate one individual as your contact person.  This must not be someone heavily involved in the activities of the day, as they will be too busy to effectively communicate with our on-site coordinator should problems/concerns/questions arise.  When questions arise, do not designate any member of your bridal party, photographer, caterer, florist or musician as your liaison.

COURTESY PROTOCOL:  Timbers Edge reserves the right to request any person or group of people acting unruly and contract to rental regulations to leave the premises.  Assistance from law enforcement agencies may be required if this request is not met immediately.

DECORATIONS:   Only push-pins and drafting tape may be used to affix decorations and/or signs.  Any other decorations, signage, electrical configurations or construction must be pre-approved by Timbers Edge.  Decorations may not be hung from light fixtures.  All decorations must be removed without leaving damage directly following the departure of the last guest, unless special arrangements have been made between the Customer(s) and the venue.   

Note – The only adhesive material allowed on the walls is drafting tape which will not damage surfaces.  No masking tape, duct tape, electrical tape, transparent tape or double stick tape is allowed.  All other decoration must be freestanding.  Nails and staples are not permitted at any location. 

Note – The use of birdseed is permitted only outside for wedding and reception farewells.  Rice, confetti, glitter fog machines, pyrotechnics, sparklers and blowing bubbles are not permitted inside or outside the facilities. 


DRUGS/ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES:  The possession of or use of illegal drugs is strictly forbidden on the premises.  This includes all forms of marijuana.  This is a zero-tolerance policy that may result in the removal of guests up to the termination of the event without refund.

EVENT ENDING TIME:   All events must end by 12:00 AM Midnight to comply with Township/County sound ordinances and in order to allow for clean-up and closure of the site by 1:00 AM.  

FIREARMS:  Absolutely NO FIREARMS will be allowed on the premises EXCEPT for licensed and bonded security officer.  This is a zero-tolerance policy that may result in the removal of a guest up to the termination of the event without refund.

FIREPIT USAGE:  Fire pit is provided for use by the Customer under favorable weather conditions.  Fire shall be contained within the provided stone fire ring.  During periods where “Burn Bans” are in effect for Douglas County, there shall be no use of the fire pit.  Any damage from the use of the fire pit will be the sole responsibility of the Customer.

FIREWORKS:  No fireworks will be permitted on the premises.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL:   Trash disposal, other than the garbage disposal of items generated by the caterer, is your responsibility.  Immediately following the event, please have your Clean-up Committee take a few minutes to walk all the areas of the building and property that have been utilized for the event and pick-up any refuse that may have been dropped or blown around.  This trash may be placed into the Timbers Edge dumpsters.

GUESTS:   Please keep in mind when inviting Guests to your event, that you are inviting them to our home.  We will expect visitors to conduct themselves in a mature, responsible and respectful manner.

HANDICAP ACCOMMODTIONS:   We provide level-designated parking, ramped walkways on the property, along with suitable restroom facilities.  Motorized and transport chairs can easily navigate the grounds.  

MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT:   Due to the proximity of the Timbers Edge to the local neighborhood, sound considerations are a concern.  Although music (both live and recorded) is permitted, the music must be contained at an acceptable sound level so as not to disturb the local surrounding area.  The Timbers Edge event coordinator will help to establish acceptable sound levels.  Any complaints from neighbors or other parties may require the levels to be reduced further.  Timbers Edge reserves the right to require Customer(s) to cease the music it deems inappropriate, in its sole discretion.  Timbers Edge also reserves the right to require the Customer(s) to lower the sound level or cease playing music, in its sole discretion. 

Note:  Although we are situated on 20-acres, we are keenly aware that sound travels and do, therefore, make every attempt to be considerate of our neighbors’ privacy.   

PARKING:   Parking is available at the designated areas on the East side of the barn and in the overflow grass parking area South of the barn.  Use of the grass area along the driveway is also permitted as long as it does not impede on the gravel driveway surface.   Handicap accessible parking spaces are provided near the entry as posted. 

PETS:   Sorry, absolutely no pets allowed.  

SITE ACCESS:  The single-family residence located West of the barn is not intended for the use of Customer, Customer’s invites, guests, agents, and sub-contractors without the expressed written consent of the homeowner.  Additionally, the wooden swing set located behind the residence is not to be used by the Customer, Customer’s invites, guests, agents, or sub-contractors and should be noted that it is not structurally safe.

Additionally, the upstairs area and sound booth area are marked off as restricted areas and shall not be accessed at any time during the event by Customer, Customer’s invites, guests, agents, or sub-contractors.

SMOKING/VAPING:   Timbers Edge is a non-smoking/non-vaping facility.  Ash-buckets will be provided, and smoking /vaping will be permitted in the gravel area on the East side of the barn or by the fire pit.   

SECURITY:   A security guard/s will be present for all events where Alcohol is served (such as wedding receptions, fundraisers, wine tastings, corporate parties or receptions).  This service is non-negotiable.  The cost of the service is NOT included as part of the venue rental (unless noted otherwise).

CATERING:   The catering service areas in each of the venues are not intended to be used as a kitchen for meal preparation.  There are two warming ovens that may be used to keep food warm prior to the event.  Ovens must be turned off when not in use.



I have read and understand the policies concerning events held at the Timbers Edge.  I agree to uphold them and ensure that contractors and members of the event party, will abide by the policies.  I understand it is my responsibility to inform the coordinator, florist, photographers, etc., that they must also conform to this set of guidelines.